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Listening to GWB's constant repetition of the virtues of his immigration reform is akin to having a root canal without Novocaine.


As I look into the sanctimonious eyes of those in the 1957 Ku Klux Klan photo, I thought of our friends and neighbors who piously posted anti-gay amendment yard signs in 2004. Our capacity to hate one another will never diminish.


When Bush took office, gas was $1.46 per gallon.

More inflation

For all you "tooth fairies" out there — why are you giving your kids twenty bucks for a tooth when I'm giving mine two dollars? Don't you know they talk at school?

Have to tell you

At one time or another everyone has been "a thoughtless little rude pig" or worse, and if you were lucky you had a parent who cared enough about you to tell you the truth.

By the numbers

Auburn's enrollment stood at 23,547 and Alabama's was 23,878 as of September ’06 at each other's main campus, so no more articles that start with Auburn as the state's largest school.

No discretion

How tacky for WTVM to zoom their cameras in on the faces of children as they cried at their mother's funeral. Have some decency and let them grieve in peace.

Parks and people

What makes Lakebottom the best park in Columbus? It’s surrounded by many homes. A library park would be surrounded by businesses; you’ve got to have some residents to feed the park.

Cruel still

In "The Waste Land" T.S. Eliot writes, "April is the cruellest month," and so it was in Iraq with 104 U.S. deaths. President Bush says "progress is being made." We can expect more deaths in May.

Some tribute

The flags in the median at the intersection of Fort Benning Road and Victory Drive are filthy, and some are torn. It's shameful. Mr. Mayor, can you fix this?


I'm celebrating Cinco de Mayo by not going to any Mexican restaurants.


The first car at the light when it turns green is probably waiting for someone to finish running the red light.