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No case

How very telling that at the 5/1 council meeting, the only individual speaking against the library greenspace was a man with no arguments or facts, only personal attacks. It's about the voters.


The reason there are not many meaningful discussions of race is because people do not like to be reminded about the ironies and stupidities of the past.

Big difference

When a man is wrong and admits he's wrong, he's a gentleman. When a man is right and admits he's wrong, he's married.


Bush's veto proves only one thing: His legacy as president is more important to him than the lives of the American soldiers or the Iraqi people being killed every day. Too late — he's already a failure.

Just in case

I would rather have a gun and not use it than to need one and not have it.


Any day now I expect to open the paper and find that the opinion pages have completely disappeared.


Irony of the past: Black soldiers couldn't eat in restaurants where white prisoners of war could — and the soldiers were fighting for democracy.

No news

Cheney says Senator Reid's statement that "the war in Iraq is lost" will hurt the morale of the soldiers. Don't be silly — they were the first to know.

Anonymous venom

It's amazing how much hatred, ignorance and bigotry people can compress into 35 words for Sound Off when they don't have to sign their names.

Love it

I want to thank the Ledger for including the comic strip LIO. The cartoonist, Mark Tatulli, has a wonderful, unique, intelligent and off kilter (bizarre?) sense of YUMA.

Not fooled

Wayne Anthony would have us believe money proposed for the area in front of the library satisfies the promise of greenspace on the SPLOST property. How dumb does he think we are?

Which is it?

The article in reference to Mr. Cypert is contradictory in that it refers to the girl as a "victim" and then goes on to say that the sex was "consensual."


Chris Matthews didn't just ask "fluff" questions at the Republican debate. His questions were lint, scavenged from the media's spin cycle.