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Instead of having a two-day Help the Hooch cleanup, why don't we all clean after ourselves the whole year? That would be much cheaper.

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    Background check

    The Palins saw this country "imperfect enough" that Todd joined a seccessionist movement (he didn't want to be an American) and Sarah spoke at two annual conventions of the group. Enough about Obama and Ayers.

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    Lord, if you can't give us better candidates, could you at least give us shorter campaigns?

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    Still scraping

    I feel bad for those folks who can't get the W off their car windows.

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    What's the difference between "hockey moms" and "soccer moms"? Very little, but the soccer moms' children have more teeth.

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    Get with it

    When is WRBL going to learn how to put overlapping football games in split-screen or picture-in-picture? I know it can be done because I once worked there.

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    Thank you, House members who voted against the bailout bill. To those who voted for it: Evil is still evil, even if it is wearing wings. Golden parachute, anyone?

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    Good old days

    I'm hearing all credit will not dry up. Only those who are qualified to get credit will get credit. If that had always been the case, we wouldn't be in this mess now.

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    Who killed Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae? The loan officers who stopped requiring proper documentation and positive identification before making loans.

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    Money pit

    In our time of financial and economic grief, wouldn't it make sense for Congress to pull the plug on the treadmill $10 billion per month Iraq war? The homeland is gasping for breath.

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    What's the hottest thing since global warming? Sarah Palin!