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  • Not now, governor

    These are serious times for serious people, Mrs. Palin. Sit down.

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    Less impact

    My dogs use to head for the hills when I'd get after them with the paper. Now they laugh out loud and say, “What’s he going to do with that napkin?”

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    Tax tip on the QT

    What Obama doesn’t want you to know: Before Bush, we were averaging $200 owed on our tax returns. Since Bush, we’ve been averaging $800 refunds. And we’re in the middle of the middle class!

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    With O.J. going off to the big house for a long time, who’s gonna find the real killers of Ron and Nicole?

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    Shrinking options

    Only my wife would notice that just as the Ledger-Enquirer trimmed the width of its newspaper, so did the manufacturers of toilet paper. Your roll isn’t as wide as it used to be.

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    Dollar signs

    Seems to me “win-win” is only used when a private group is siphoning (that means sucking for those in Phenix City) public funds.

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    Carry the four

    The gentleman from Ellerslie might consider an investment in a calculator with the proceeds from his proposed bailout plan.

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    Race-baiters: Please reveal the ever-expanding secret list of alleged racist “code words,” so we can be very, very careful when we speak.

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    Top-office charm

    Bill to Hillary: I did NOT wink at that woman, Mrs Palin.

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    Drive on down

    Chatsworth Road residents should know that police don’t enforce existing laws that ban trucks. Ask residents of Moon Road, Gray Rock Road or Alice Drive.

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    Serve and protect

    We have a hostile city council toward the police department again. Thank God for the Fraternal Order of Police and their president, Randy Robertson. It’s all the police and Columbus citizens have.