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This summer we planted three tomato plants for our own consumption. Our crop failed and we have had to buy tomatoes on the open market. Where do we apply for our disaster payment?

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Columbus Council made its dumbest decision yet to three-lane Moon Road. It needs at least four lanes, so why spend millions on a project that will be outdated before it even gets constructed?

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Has the face of Columbus High been smudged? Hiding a sex offender, buying athletes, hand-picking students for test scores? Aren't taxpayers paying for this "magnet"?

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Preference poll

When Saxby's office called to ask if they could count on my vote, I told them I actually like Chick-fil-A slightly better.

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More problems

Did you read about Acorn having over $3 million in state and federal liens for unpaid payroll taxes? Didn't think so. Seems voter registration laws aren't the only laws they thumb their noses at.

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Get story straight

Aren't the ones crying foul about investigations of voter registration fraud (claiming it results in voter intimidation) the same ones who support eliminating secret ballot votes for employees in labor union elections?

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Gripe line

Someday the price of gasoline will be back down to $1 in Columbus. Some yahoo will write a letter to the editor complaining that he was in Tennessee and it was only 95 cents.

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If some people out there are still wondering if there is a left-wing media bias, just read this newspaper and it will remove all doubt.

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Listen to yourselves

Right-wingers, stop flaunting your moral and Christian values. The slander, defamation and outright hypocrisy directed at Mr. Obama have been neither moral nor Christian. And through it all, he has remained a class act.