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Can someone tell me why this great country of America can put a person on the moon but can't devise a reliable voting system?

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I hear and read many complaints about U.S. jobs going overseas. What about some sympathy for the Koreans, Germans and Japanese who have sent thousands of good paying jobs here?

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To the lady driving the black Lexus SUV — quit littering our world with your butts!

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Well, well, well. After many, many years, you guys finally got one thing right — you endorsed Ralph Johnson for sheriff. Thank you.

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Just asking

According to the "Pick of the Day," when did the schools become baby-sitters?

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The difference between O.J. and Lumpkin is that O.J. was trying to retrieve something he no longer owned. Check the facts.

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Thin news

Please don't call our local paper the "12th Street Rag," and stop saying it's not thick enough to get out of the paper tube. My newfound use is to scrape the frost from my windshield each morning.

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Anybody involved with Barack Obama should be investigated by the CIA and the FBI.

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Double standard

McCain voted against the G.I. Bill for Iraq veterans. Of course, he got his G.I. Bill.

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It's a real shame. You work hard, you pay your taxes, you vote, but you don't get the representation in city council by your council people. Something is wrong with that.

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The best way to show your disapproval of the paper's endorsement of Obama is to cancel your subscription. That's what I plan to do today.

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Political pollutionWho's responsible for cleaning up the mess of all these political signs? I hope the city does something about it quick.