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After the last World Series game between the Rays and the Phillies, the Braves are now tied for first place. Go Braves.

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Time machine

If that Crawfordville voting machine contained Al Gore's missing Florida votes, can we go back to 2000 and get a do-over? Secure pensions and investments, dollar gas, no subprime shenanigans . . . no 9/11, no war?

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Senior editor

I am looking down from Heaven and I have noticed several people in the obituary section that your paper has mixed up. God said: Get it right.

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When President Bush was told polls said Republicans weren't doing too well, he said he didn't care what Poles, Germans or any other foreign people thought.

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Final insult

It's a shame that if you die in Columbus, you take the chance of the Ledger not even getting the obituary pictures right. This has happened more than once.

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Late to rise

Am I surprised that this paper backed Obama? They're so far left, they get sunup at 10 a.m. every morning.

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Design flaw

Why does Mercedes keep making cars that have defective turn signal operators?

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Blood money

In the midst of our economic grief, the Pentagon tells us to prepare for "the new challenge of Afghanistan." This calculated replacement for Iraq has defense contractors, prime vendors and their lobbies dancing.

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The right to vote is earned, just like the right to own a house is earned. If you don't use either one right, you shouldn't have it.

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Master race?

If Cowart and Schesselman are examples of white supremacy, white people are in big trouble.

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Donkey horror

I just heard the Democrats' theme song on the radio this morning. It's the Addams Family: They're creeping and they're spooky, and altogether kooky.