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Interesting mash-up in Tuesday's paper. Wonderful remembrances and honors for Veterans Day, and bigotry and fear from people afraid of President-elect Obama. What did our soldiers fight for? Something about inalienable rights . . .

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Out of place

Oh, brother. No country for old men? No country for value-based conservative men.

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United we standAs a Republican, I'd like to say, starting today — still living in the greatest country in the world — that we all support our new president. The election is over.

• • •Typical

Despite the need for lefty radicals (and poor-loser Republican operatchiks) to demonize Sarah Palin, a political cartoon demeaning her based on anonymous rumors is irresponsible and cowardly and not unexpected from your paper.

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Holy war

The monks at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre are fighting like cats and dogmatics.

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The comics can no longer compare to the laughs I get daily from reading the just plain goofy letters to the editor (Did you folks not take basic history/civics?) and the even more inane Sound Off.

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I pray for all veterans and patriots and for those who have gone before us and have kept our freedom. May those in charge now have the vision of the future to keep us safe and free!

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It's ironic that the current city manager's background is in transit. By abandoning the voter-approved trolley, he shows either he really does lack vision for our city's future or he just doesn't care.

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It's the law

Does anyone ever read the Constitution? Obama is not president-elect until the electoral college meets in December.