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Free rein

The local conservative good ole boy network dislikes Sound Off because they can't control what people are saying even if it is true.

My preference

I had as soon see Cindy Sheehan on the front of the Ledger as I had Aflac, CB&T or Total System CEOs brag about how many millions they make.


If you want to see what unbridled capitalism will do, check out all the recalled meat products and the suspected botulism.|Finish it

It's good the see the Walker case coming to an end, so it's time the city owns up now and pays the family.


It's really neat how north Columbus is constantly getting new schools but children at East Columbus Middle School don't have books. South Columbus better wake up.

Divine justice

The criminal charges against Deputy David Glisson have been finally dropped. God knows what's right.


The Ledger needs to limit the contributions to the letters section to one a month per person. I'm tired of reading the same garbage by the same people all the time.


It's sad when Atlanta Falcon fans want to win so bad they will accept a coward quarterback who kills defenseless animals.

It's a crime

It’s reassuring to know that investigating the shootings, murders, robberies and home invasions over the last month isn’t as important to CPD as getting its parking ticket quota in residential neighborhoods.

Not about Vick

Textl=16q=lf=FBUnionText-Roman s=9.5 l=10.5We place no blame on "the man" for Mr. Vick's woes. We just blame the man for what "he" has done to us for centuries and how "he" has a straight face when he does it.

You're no Harry

The Washington Post says Bush is clinging desperately to Truman's abysmal Korean War approval ratings and hopes that his legacy will be equally good in time. Pardon me while I guffaw.


The Memorandum of Understanding provides that SPLOST property shall be used only for educational purposes. Query: Is a City Services Center an eduational purpose?