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Working for youDr. Phillips does not “just sit behind a desk” to quote a Sound Off contributor. He cares deeply for the county, its employees, and its students. He fights every day for all of them. He deserves every penny.

Civic engagementEnforcing SPLOST law, requiring public officials to keep promises, enhancing quality of life through public greenspace — that's how the electorate wins. You just don't get it, editorial board!

Party poopersWe finally get a mayor who exhibits some real leadership and who is able to bring the school board, library board and council together, and a handful of malcontents file a lawsuit and try to spoil the party. Unreal.

Turn aboutMr. Vick should be forced to play football, with several means of execution handy in case he turns in a "weak performance."

No excusesA writer wondered what excuse African Americans would offer for Vick. We are individuals and will individually support or not support him, just as whites will.

Bloody handsFor people who "hook up" with party favors for the weekend or have an outright addiction, there is something to think about. You are an accomplice to the crime and murders every time you buy.

No mercyI don't care if he is black or white, pink or blue, Muslim, Christian or Jew: if he would do it to an animal, he would do it to you.

Off the hookMy wife said that if I don't have a Sound Off printed this week she is going to label me as a loser and kick my sorry rear end out in the street.

Slow news dayMonday's edition of the newspaper was so thin the carrier just slid it under the door.

ComparisonI understand the justifiable outrage about fighting dogs and the way they are killed. Look at pictures of babies being aborted and maybe have some of the same outrage.

Harsh sentenceRemember, in Georgia the penalty for bigamy is two mothers-in-law.

UnforgivableThe Bush administration recently but not surprisingly fired one of its undersecretaries for telling the truth about something.

VerbicidePlease tell all your reporters that nobody is found "laying in the street" unless she is a chicken.