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Selective virtueThe Bible says all sins are equal in God's eyes. So why are Christians spending so much time hating homosexuals when we are sinners, too?

Bad applesA letter writer said, "An attorney of (Frank Martin's) caliber deserved better treatment by your paper and so do the better members of our profession." Guess it's true; 99 percent of trial lawyers give the others a bad name.

JuicedPossibly the temper tantrum Barry Bonds displayed against the Braves could be classified as ’roid rage.

Still flushTroy, why would you expect to find Mike Shula waiting tables at his Dad's eating establishment? Surely he hasn't spent the $5 million Bama paid him to leave.

No sweatCoach Tuberville should not worry about the spotlight on Saban from the press. Remember, the press every year proves they don't know anything about sports. Their prognostication is foolish and laughable.

Martial lawWith all the home invasions, robberies and murders in Columbus, we need the National Guard to save the city like they did a long time ago in Phenix City.

Color lineWhy is it that Columbus residents see things only in black and white?

Does it say that?With all the killings, why don't people start doing what the Bible says and hang these murderers in the courthouse yard for everyone to see?

Mr. Tough GuyDo you really need a pit bull to make you feel like a man? Are you really that insecure?Editors?Hey, Ledger-Enquirer: A person is found lying, not "laying." Your proofreaders suck.

Bravo, ma'am.Congratulations to the lady in Ladonia who used her handgun during a home invasion and saved her life. Guns have useful purposes, don't they?

Can I come out yet?Chief Boren said murders and robberies were due to the season. I did not know murder and robbery had a season. Which is the best season not to worry about?

Wrong diseaseMrs. Sheehan, Fort Benning is not the cancer. The cancer is what liberals are giving us: abortion, taking prayer out of schools, and same-sex marriages.

Caged birdsThe Atlanta Falcons new coach has a new nickname — "Warden."