Sound Off

Sound Off for Thursday, Aug. 19, 2010

Pick of the day

All this talk about same-sex marriage. Heck, I’d settle for a some-sex marriage.

Pay your taxes

If Spring Harbor is a non-profit, why are they charging those people so much to live there? Pay your taxes. That’s how they’re able to buy up everything in town.

Can’t believe it

A mosque at Ground Zero? No way, unbelievable!

Paul wrote about it

Sorry, but the Apostle Paul wrote about the rapture in letters to the Thessalonians and Corinthians. This was 51 and 56 AD.

What’s the world coming to?

Laundry detergent doesn’t even suds now or even make the water slippery. What are we buying for $8 a bottle? Did they cut everything out of it and are selling us nothing?

Somebody play Taps

The town of Hurtsboro has been taken off life-support and moved to Mayor Tapley’s funeral home. The end is in sight.

Shame on the Braves!

Shame on the Atlanta Braves for “Bark in the Park.” How would a person like to have a fur coat on out in this heat? Shame on the dog owners, too.

Absurd situation

Why should Spring Harbor be tax exempt when they charge so much money just to be entered into the facility, plus a monthly fee? That is absolutely absurd. They are a profit-making organization.

Hope they took their books

Please tell me those baseball all-stars are doing school work while they are out-of-town. I’d hate for them to be missing out on anything they should be learning.

Are we really free?

If we have freedom of religion anywhere, any place, any time, why do we not have prayer in school, prayer at ball games?

It’s bad scheduling

If school started in September after Labor Day like it’s supposed to, you wouldn’t have to worry about kids missing school. Go Northern.

Protect the elderly

There should be laws that protect elderly people from being exposed to second-hand smoke at senior living facilities that still condone lighting up in common areas.

Build a fence! No, don’t!

Swedish blond women are illegally crossing the Canadian border to swarm into the U.S. to get newscaster jobs on Fox News.