Sound Off

Sound Off for Monday, October 4, 2010

Pick of the day

Anybody calling a repair service hoping to get a good-looking guy is calling the wrong kind of service.

Can’t cheat the hangman

“Court Delays Suicidal Death Row Inmate’s Execution.“ Is that the irony of ironies or just a classic example of cruel and unusual punishment?

What about blue laws?

For all you Islamaphobes: I am opposed to sharia law, but what do you call “blue laws?” Certainly not separation of church and state.

Streak will end

Georgia’s head coach looks disinterested and detached. The streak ends in November. War Eagle!

Good for the goose ...

I believe the government should cut costs by doing what the private sector is doing — freezing pensions.

Get over it

You people who are still talking about Michael Vick need to stop hating on him and get on with your life. He’s still making money whether you like it or not.

Park it somewhere else

We need more parking at the Government Center. Zeph Baker parks his advertising truck there and takes up parking places. He needs to park it somewhere else besides the door of the Government Center.

A racial blight

Why do you keep printing these racists comments from these folks from Ellerslie? The racial stink of Ellerslie is a blight on the entire Columbus Metropolitan area.

Ups and downs

My insurance company raised my premiums and deductible but asked me to lower my expectations.

A tainted party

That tea party would have been a good thing, but it’s been tainted by the Republicans.

You’d change your ways

You atheists are not going to tell me that you’ve studied Revelations. If you had, you would have changed your low-down, dirty ways.

Which way did he go?

I see that Tony Curtis died. I hope where he goes, some don’t like it hot.

Pack a lunch

Be sure and get your flu shot, but be prepared for a two- or three-hour wait at the health department.