Sound Off

Soundoff for Monday, March 19, 2012

Pick of the day

Religious nuts don’t run this country; corrupt nuts run this country.

Maybe their last chance

Tuesday was when legal immigrants and old Democrats, who are 12% of the Bible Belt, had the rare opportunity to vote for a moderate Republican, an endangered species.

Missed your calling

The bureaucrats responsible for Iraq, Afghanistan, and the most flawed and frayed foreign policy in our nation’s history would make great Oldsmobile salesmen.

Sorry if I don’t fit your profile

I’m not ignorant. I’m not lazy. I am very much educated. I am voting for Obama.

Try listening

The AM-540 owners are apparently a whole lot more intelligent than you are.

Civic consistency

I did complain about the gas when it was $4 a gallon during the Bush era, and I’m still complaining about it being $4 a gallon in the Obama era.

Misleading term

Please stop using the words “at-risk” students and children in the poverty category. Remember, we believe all children can learn. Let’s help them learn.

Burning more than his share

Maybe the cost of fuel would decrease if Obama stopped flying all over the country on Air Force One to attend basketball games and campaign rallies.

His credentials are solid

Many Republicans think Romney’s not conservative enough simply because media pundits and his rivals say so. His answers during debates show he’s very conservative, intelligent, and is the best choice for fixing the economy.

Home economics

In these hard times I let my hair grow until my wife can no longer stand it.

No clarity

It was so foggy this morning, I thought I was in the middle of a Republican primary.

Expensive indulgence

Our president took the prime minister of England to Dayton, Ohio, to view an NCAA basketball game. Where is the leadership and setting the example in a time of austerity?

Absentee ballot

If Saudi Arabia wants a Republican president, all they have to do is pump less oil, which will result in higher gasoline prices here. American puppets will do the rest at the ballot box.

Headgear doesn’t tell the story

Guys in white hats are not always the good guys.