Sound Off

Sound off for Friday, May 25, 2012

Pick of the day

Is there room at the Alternative School for school board members who don't know how to behave?

Check your wallet

Experience has shown that any time someone brings up religion, patriotism or children, they're trying to get you to do something that will cost you money.

Heavy burden

Leave President Bush alone. He went through more than any other president ever did. Can you say 9/11? I would hate to think what our president now would have done.

Nonpartisan denomination

There are as many Christian Democrats as there are Christian Republicans. Democrats just tend to act more Christ-like.

Grammatical distinction

Richard Hyatt is my favorite columnist, but he really needs to learn the difference between "less" and "fewer."

Expensive lesson

Reading about the natatorium, I'm reminded of that old adage: Anything government can do, private enterprise can do better and cheaper.

Off the hook

Way to go, Glenwood parents! You've taught your kids a great life lesson: Regardless of your bad behavior, we'll make sure there are no consequences. There really are advantages to a private school education!

Biblical rationalization

For those who use Bible passages to justify what they want to believe, remember that the Bible wasn't written by God, but by men with their own agendas.

Morals and money

Impressed by Jakarta's claim to high moral values, I did my homework. Lady Gaga: Like everywhere else, grease the right palms and your problems are solved.

Money pit

Our military has close to the same expenses as the militaries of all the rest of the world combined, but the Pentagon wants more? No wonder our roads and bridges are falling apart.

Not for me to say you're wrong (but you are)

If you decide to forgo your religious principles on same-sex marriage and vote for Obama, I will not judge you -- but God might.

Say it ain't so

What is the world coming to? Clint Eastwood on reality TV? Oh, that's so sad.

Distorted version

Guilt or innocence aside, see the video where Trayvon's a foot taller than the store clerk? When will we see the media using grade school pictures of George Zimmerman? Biases are so damn obvious!