Sound Off

Sound off for Friday, Nov. 9, 2012

Pick of the day

Now that the election is finally over, our Congress can return to the important work. Bickering and planning the vacation schedule.

I earned the privilege

It took my cane, my oxygen tank and my wife to get me to the polls, but at least I can eventually say "I told you so" without feeling guilty for not voting.

Apocalypse Not Now

Obama wins re-election! Yet the sun is still shining, and the world still turns.

But maybe soon

Our do-nothing people have re-elected a "do nothing but damage" president.

Absentee ballots

Did you notice that Hawaii went for Obama 71% to 28%, but he didn't get a single vote from his "homeland" Kenya? Those Muslims must not have voted for him this time.

Happy days

On easy street. Started renting houses to single non-working moms. Obama is going to ensure they have monthly check and I will be there to collect the first of every month.

Nice try, but

Despite billions of dollars spent, voter disenfranchisement attempts and intimidation tricks, Republicans could not buy, cheat, or steal the election for their guy.

For the first time ever

Everybody panic -- people are going to start drinking on Sunday!

Last laugh

When Obama was projected to win, Donald Trump tweeted, "the world is laughing at us." Actually, the world is laughing at him.

Religious bigotry

The election results should be a wake-up call not just for Christians but all people of faith. Brace yourselves for four more years of attacks on religious freedom and attacks on traditional family values.

So which is it?

Republicans are confusing. One minute they're saying the government should be totally out of our lives. The next minute they're asking Obama to rescue them.

Clean sweep

Thanks to Mr. Jimmy Wetzel, Phenix City finally and officially has five new council members.

Rock bottom

The GOP attempt to politicize the Benghazi tragedy is scum bucket politics.

Political jihad

To Allah and the United Socialist States of America.