Sound Off

Soundoff for Monday, March 18, 2013

Pick of the day: Whatever happened to picnics?

At least it's a good habit

I've been reading this newspaper for about 50 years. At this time I read only about 10 percent of the same old dribble. Seniors only buy this paper out of habit.

Maybe, maybe not

Obama will have to squeeze people down to one meal a day in order to get more of a public outcry. When they're on their knees crying "enough, enough," he'll give up -- maybe.

Obama ruined the air show

In addition to the economy, Obama has now ruined our air show. What's next? Can't wait.

What's wrong here?

Let me get this straight. The school board is not even qualified to find a company that's qualified to hire the school board director. What's wrong with this picture?

More, not less

Even Democrats should be able to understand English. The budget reductions under the sequester are simply breaks on increase spending. The government will have more to spend in the coming fiscal year -- more, not less.

It's an investment

We "invest" money in Egypt because we want a say on how they govern. Sorta the same way China invests in us.

Where are the hypocrites now?

So the Obama administration now says it retains the right to conduct drone strikes on American citizens without due process. Where are all of you hypocritical Bush bashers now?

Might as well get used to it

It is so good to see one of you admit it. It is not so much a spending problem with this country as it is the hate you people have for Obama. Get yourself together because he is here to stay for his whole eight years.


Every elected official is not happy unless you are not happy. Have you forgotten to be afraid today?

Someone call Burt Reynolds

So the whitewater course opens May 25. James Dickey would be so proud. There's not another finer town to re-enact "Deliverance."

Maybe they should change the name

With insurance premiums steadily rising, it would appear that the President's Affordable Care Act isn't so affordable.

How have tax breaks helped?

For many years corporations and the two percenters have received lucrative tax breaks. How has this helped the American economy?