Sound Off

Sound Off for Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Pick of the day

If I were Mark Trail I sure wouldn’t go off living in a bat cave and leaving my pretty wife Cherry all by herself. He must be crazy.


Spare me the tears, Obama. Because of you this country, in fact the world, is 100 times more dangerous since the day you took office.

Not buying it

Obama, your tears don’t stir me at all. You should see how many tears I have had to shed just to get by month to month.

Familiar routine

Isn’t it time the Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission stopped Judge Moore’s shenanigans, or is it going to cost taxpayers more money defending his religious beliefs?

No truth in advertising

It seems that most Christians aren’t.

Balance essential

Just as our government contains built-in checks and balances that keep it on track, so must our political ideology. If we continually leaned to the right or the left, we’d be moving in circles.

Drugged into prosperity?

America, land of the free and the brave, is spending more on antidepressants than the Gross National Product of more than half of the world’s countries. By 2005, antidepressants were the #1 prescribed drug class.

Demographic shift?

Westmoreland retires! The average IQ of the House of Representatives will go up by at least 5 points.

Quirky laws of economics

Isn’t it ironic? China’s economy tanks, Walmart stock goes up.