Sound Off

Sound Off for Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Pick of the day

Well, a name change is definitely in order for the Cincinnati football team. Will it be the Bungles or the Thugs?

Face recognition

I keep thinking that Donald Trump reminds me of someone on TV … Family Guy, that’s who.

Mixed results

Democrats aren’t all that bad. Look at Clinton. He at least left office with a balanced budget. On the other hand, now we have Obama. Enough said.

Still our choice

One of the principles our forefathers believed is that the majority of the people may abolish or alter a government that has become tyrannical.

Still not a perfect union

What’s wrong with being proud of Southern history? I’m proud of America today, even though it probably has more faults than the historical South had.

Still questions

Mr. Hyatt – nice praise article on Bo Bradley. But didn’t the St. Francis Hospital mess happen on his watch? Just thinking …

So what’s the problem?

In the year 2700 the Earth will have become largely uninhabitable due to massive uncleaned dumps of nuclear radioactive waste. What, Me Worry? … I am Nostradamus.

Being the best we can be

The best in us wants to shine. Once we clear the clouds from our hearts and minds, the truth is that we want to be our best at what we believe in and strive for.

Thoughts, prayers are with them

God Bless the Upatoi victims. The madness has to stop.