Sound Off

Sound Off for Friday, January 15, 2016

Pick of the day

No, you won’t bump into an ISIS “martyr” in heaven. A lot of professing Christians won’t be there, either.

Comic relief

Even the liberals laughed when the space aliens landed and said “take me to your leader.”

Which ‘war’?

When Hillary talks about a “war on women,” is she referencing her (Hillary) calling the women Bill exploited liars?

So what’s the difference?

Obama called a meeting with internet experts to discuss stopping terrorists from abusing the internet to communicate and recruit. Trump advocated doing that weeks ago and was ridiculed.

Either it’s law or it isn’t

There’s no enforcement against “sanctuary” cities or states that ignore federal immigration laws, so why aren’t states that voted against homosexual marriage allowed to ignore federal “laws” allowing it? Like sanctuary states for normal Americans.

Priorities and non-priorities

North Korea tests a hydrogen bomb, Iran is developing an ICBM, ISIS attacks the homeland, and over 35,000 Americans die each year from American guns because that’s not important to us.

There’s a key distinction

Tures put words in Turkish president’s mouth. He doesn’t “admire” Hitler; he answered a question about proposed government structure. Choices for Mideast leaders are generally limited to dictators or terrorists. Does Tures prefer ISIS?

It’s war, not crime

Treating Islamic terrorists as lawbreakers instead of what they really are — enemy combatants — is a huge mistake. The terrorist who shot the policeman in Philadelphia should be tried in military court and executed.

Well, lots of lights

No telling how much fossil fuel use could be eliminated if the new generation would turn off a light.