Sound Off

Sound Off for Saturday, January 16, 2016

Pick of the day

We could likely end up with a presidential campaign consisting of a socialist running against a fascist. The two-party system is failing America. The average American has no representation.

If that’s your worst woe …

With all the problems in the world today and you have to complain about once a week trash pick-up … get a life.

The value of diplomacy

The ease with which Secretary Kerry obtained the release from Iran of the sailors who strayed into their territorial waters suggests it’s better to talk to people than to bomb them.

Both result in bloodshed

Islamic extremist: One who exaggerates interpreting portions of the Qur’an to the extent of trashing the remainder. Second Amendment extremist: One who exaggerates interpreting part of the Constitution to the extent of trashing the remainder.

In brief

Simply said: Anybody But Darr.


According to Myers, being elected to the school board makes you more qualified in finance, personnel, facilities management, operations management, planning, etc., than people with degrees who spend careers working full time in those fields.

He’s one to talk

To discredit Hillary, Trump has resurrected Bill Clinton’s 20-year-old affair with Monica Lewinsky by calling her an “enabler.” This comes from a thrice-married adulterer with a long sexist history of attacking women.

Short memory?

If you haven’t found a president more incompetent than Obama in your seventy-plus years, then you must have been in a coma for eight years of George W. Bush.

Haven’t I seen you on TV?

Governor Bentley of Alabama is a handsome man. He reminds me of Bart Simpson’s nuclear plant boss.