Sound Off

Sound Off for Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Pick of the day

It’s looking like Carlton Gary is on his way to becoming the oldest living American.

Meaningless label

Saying I should elect you because you’re conservative doesn’t say a thing about your qualifications for office, but it does say a lot about how many of your constituents you might not be representing.

The meter’s running

It is a travesty that our idiotic local government has paid more than $550,000.00 in legal fees for Sheriff Darr and Clerk Pierce. The stubbornness of Mayor Tomlinson has kept this circus alive and growing.

In a perfect world …

Now that our president spoke on our fantasies, we can get back to lobbyism (legalized government bribery), and government for, by, and of the rich. The Koch brothers, ISIS and Congress had a belly laugh.

Can’t be reached, regardless

Some folks wouldn’t like Obama if he walked on water like Jesus Christ. The fact that you don’t believe his “crocodile” tears are real says more about you than about him.

But that’s different

If Ted Cruz, born in Canada to an American mother, is acceptable for president by his supporters, would it be the same if he had been born to an American mother in Mexico or Kenya?

It’s not supposed to be about him

A good president does what’s best for his country, instead of calculating how every decision may affect his “legacy.” That’s what our current president seems focused on — himself.


The difference between college football and the NFL is that college teams don’t build up a fan base in one location and then move away and leave them.

The one you keep trying to ignore

Donald Trump, to the Republican Party, is like a drunk uncle in your family — loud, obnoxious, embarrassing, and full of name calling.