Sound Off

Sound Off for Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Pick of the day

Bernie Sanders: Probably the only person on Earth who can make Hillary Clinton look like a conservative.

They’re all around you

To the person who wrote, “It seems that most Christians aren’t”: I’m praying that you’ll get to know some who are.

The curve will rise again

L-E: “Ohio man mistakenly shoots, kills teen son.” Fortunately, you don’t seem to hear as many stories like this as you once did. But with gun sales surging in recent months, that will undoubtedly change.

Want out? Fine — you’re out

The minute Pfizer moves its offices to Ireland, revoke all their executives’ United States citizenship and double their export tax for anything shipped — anywhere.

Terminal medicine

Nice to see Ted Cruz put little Donald in his place. Trump is a circus clown. Just imagine Trump’s foreign policy … he would just bomb everyone. He would be a horse doctor with a shotgun.

Likability deficit

Bernie Sanders is rapidly catching up to or passing Hillary in the primary. Obama once said Hillary was “likable enough.” Guess he was wrong.

Inequality not always same as inequity

The way to correct income inequality is to work on work effort inequality.

Where did the ripple stop?

The price of oil is the lowest in 13 years. Gas and transportation costs are way down. Why haven’t the prices of food products come down?

Enjoy the bounty

You are right. Clinton did leave a balanced budget. Obama has almost pulled us out of the financial devastation that Bush left us in. What are you griping about?