Sound Off

Sound Off for Thursday, January 21, 2016

Pick of the day

Hate is an acid that burns into your heart and soul. It takes away from those you should be loving, but forget. Your enemy cares not what you feel.


To boldly go where no journalist has gone before … Sean Penn’s meeting with drug lord El Chapo has raised the bar for the media.

Vox populi

Bernie Sanders is the only candidate telling the truth. Hilary Clinton is a super-PAC Wall Street puppet. Trump is a spoiled rotten wack job. Sanders is a vote for the average USA citizen.

Job description

There’s a reason you don’t see the word “manager” anywhere in the title “Board of Directors.” Managers manage. Board members direct. Anyone who doesn’t know the difference probably shouldn’t be a board member.

Tick tock …

So long, Darr and Countryman. Can you hear the charge of the voters who are ready to vote you out?

Unaided achievement

Obama is not “leaving a mess” for the next president. He inherited a mess, and very few on Capitol Hill have tried to help him clean it up.

Nonpartisan disgust

Every last vote from the House of Representatives is straight down the party line. Get rid of these people in the next election and get someone new. Doesn’t matter if they are Republican or Democrat.

Dem elitists

These supposedly educated, intelligent people seem to think they are always correct and must lead us illiterate masses by the nose because we aren’t smart enough to breathe. Heaven help us if they are elected.

Enough with the voyeur politics

Leave Bill & Hillary alone and get a life of your own.