Sound Off

Sound Off for Friday, January 22, 2016

Pick of the day

Actual bumper sticker seen on convertible: “Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife for president!”

Find a new punching bag

This is Obama’s last year in office, so all you Obama haters will have a new president to sink your canines into.

Comfortable revisionism

The pulling of the book, “A Birthday Cake for George Washington” is another example of our disturbing trend of ignorant censorship, trying to rewrite history that disagrees with how we want it to be portrayed.

Political demographics

I wonder why Democratic town meetings look more like America, whereas Republican meetings look more like NASCAR events. Just saying.

Did he say that?

Watched the Democratic debate. That Sanders nut scares me. Every problem is caused by wealthy people, who are all evil and control all of humankind. We must confiscate their money and divvy it up!

A welcome weekly read

I love Leonard Pitts’ column! His column in the Sunday paper is the first thing I look for. I hope the Ledger-Enquirer keeps him.

Sounds like an endorsement to me

If George Will thinks the worst thing Rubio has done is to work in a bipartisan manner to protect young college women from sexual assault, Rubio has my vote.

If ‘nativism’ is really your agenda …

How selfish all you “Christian” Trump supporters are. You want to keep all “foreigners” out of the United States. Unless you are an American Indian, you’re not a pure native American. Consult your ancestry.

You’ll find out when you get the bill

Trying to get a straight, honest answer about the price of Internet, cable, and phone service is worst than dealing with a used car salesman.