Sound Off

Sound Off for Saturday, January 23, 2016

Pick of the day

OMG, the Oscars are coming up. Meanwhile, nuclear radioactive waste from spent fuel rods continues to grow. Your nasty government will tell you all is well. And the winner is …

Clearly a work in progress

Didn’t see very many white faces at the “unity” events. Hmm.

There for all to see

A legislator can accept campaign contributions from businesses while voting in his constituents’ best interests. If he doesn’t vote like the businesses want, they can’t get their money back. Bernie Sanders is a paranoid nut.

Betting on the come

Obama’s assessment of America’s economy is just like my economy. I’ve got a big house, expensive jewelry, and new Mercedes. So what if I owe a million and America owes $15 trillion? Apparently that’s irrelevant.

Who’s the GOP in this analogy?

The problem with Democrats is they all want to be Robin Hood. And the more you steal from the rich, the more you have to continually lower the bar.

The American way

Republicans don’t hate illegal immigrants as much as some say. In fact, they bend over backwards to assure that illegal immigrants can buy all the guns and ammunition they could ever want while visiting us.

‘Birther’ debate, 2016 version

Both Rafael “Ted” Cruz and Winston Churchill were born to American mothers in a foreign country. Constitutional scholar Cruz thinks Churchill could have been legally elected president of the United States.

Natural allies?

I heard that Lindsey Graham endorsed Jeb Bush. I could believe that; what I had a tough time believing was that Jeb Bush was standing beside him when he did it.

Falling skies

Chicken Little was a Republican.