Sound Off

Sound Off for Sunday, January 24, 2016

Pick of the day

Maybe you can identify with me. I didn’t win the Powerball lottery. I didn’t get the black Lamborghini or the house in Palm Beach, either.

Sounds functional to me

Persons wanting to move to other countries apply at local embassies. Permits are issued until that year’s limit is reached. Those sneaking in are deported and never allowed to return. Why’s that system called “broken”?

Familiar pattern

When Thomas Edison invented his light bulb, the gas light companies sued him with false claims of safety issues. Now the electric companies are afraid of solar power upsetting their monopoly. The beat goes on …

A little more ‘reality’ than we need

What is it with Crime TV? Can we not get enough of it watching the news?

And the year just started

I’m so tired of politics and politicians, I’m not going to turn on my television until after the election.

Misleading numbers

Meaningless statistic: More people participated in 2012 election than ever before. Not an improvement — voter participation has actually decreased. Our population has simply doubled since 1960 and tripled since 1925.

Proportionally appropriate

Some complain not enough blacks are on TV or in movies, but analysis shows there’s more than 13%, which is the black U.S. population. So no need to complain.

Give it a rest, Don

Ted Cruz was born 12/22/1970 in Canada to Elizabeth Wilson/Cruz, an American citizen born in Wilmington, Delaware, and a father, Rafael Cruz, nationalized as a U.S. citizen in 2005. Stop all this nonsense, Trump, you idiot.

Unfortunate omission

Regarding the Academy Award nominations, it is shameful that no African-American was represented.

Historical perspective

America’s government used to be based on the Holy Bible and the Christian teaching of love, moral and ethical values, etc. What the hell happened?

Nameless faces

On page A6 of Sunday’s paper under the article about Troy University’s graduation, there is a group photo of the students but they weren’t named. A little more effort would have been nice.

A revealing difference

I watched the Republican debates and they are mostly about security, job opportunity, prosperity taxes, etc. I watch the Democratic debates and it’s all about who can give away the most free stuff.