Sound Off

Sound Off for Monday, January 25, 2016

Pick of the day

The two professions that deserve our highest respect are teaching and public safety. Yet they are the two that receive the absolute least respect. I truly fear the world we are creating for our children.

He’s doing his job

The people of Columbus can say what they want about Frank Myers. The only thing he wants is accountability.

Taking odds on that timeline

The city says that Double Churches Road and Veterans Parkway will be closed for about a month for repairs. Anybody want to make a bet?

Should the right ‘own’ Michael Moore movies?

I just left the theater after seeing “13 Hours” about Benghazi. Hillary and Obama need to own it.

Crucial distinction

The difference is that Trump is a low-life scumbag. Obama isn’t.

History we ought to know

Robert E. Lee opposed slavery more than Washington and Lincoln. Almost accepted Lincoln’s request to command the Union army, but felt duty to defend his homeland. Opposed post-war Confederate Flag displays. Happy Birthday, General Lee.

Depends … is he a ‘has-been’ or a ‘never-was’?

So Justin Bieber is now 21 … doesn’t that mean we can write him off as a former child star?

Columbus can’t yield to this

Darr’s and Pierce’s fees come from their decision to sue Council for more of our tax dollars rather than working responsibly within the budget. Thank goodness the city is standing up to them.

Conclusion from the top

Black lives do matter, as do most lives. But facts don’t seem to matter. Holder’s DOJ said the Ferguson cop was forced to defend his life when a huge thug tried to take his gun.