Sound Off

Sound Off for Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Pick of the day

All we hear about is Iowa and New Hampshire. Does anyone give a damn who Iowa and New Hampshire think should be President?

No excuses left

How are there still people without insurance? It’s free for those who can’t afford it. If anyone’s too lazy to make a toll-free call, then they don’t deserve it. Get a job!

Diplomatic red flag

When a presidential candidate, aka. Donald Trump, is up for being banned from an entire country (Great Britain), there’s definitely a recipe for disaster.

Cynicism … and karma

It is obvious that people who ridiculed President Obama’s genuine emotion when describing the deaths of children who were gunned down have hearts of stone, and would deserve no such emotion if they were shot.

Learning curve has flatlined

We make a saint of Martin Luther King but refuse to follow his teachings. We make a sinner of Robert E. Lee because we refuse to learn history. We’re almost the dumbest nation on earth.

She’s ba-a-a-a-ck …

Just when you thought it couldn’t get weirder, Sarah Palin opens her mouth to speak again. She and Trumpzo belong together! Help me … I can’t stop laughing. What is that language she speaks?

Oh, we know more than just four

U.S. Supreme Court announced it would look at Obama’s Executive Order granting illegal alien amnesty. It’s discouraging that we already know four of the Justices’ “final answer” before the first documents are submitted and reviewed.

Money wasted

Teresa Tomlinson is paying millions to her attorney friends to fight a losing battle with the public officials. Now she has added even more attorneys. She will bankrupt the city before admitting she is wrong.

Proud of yourself?

To the lady who passed us in the parking lot Saturday night — you trying to justify your abuse of handicapped parking by denigrating my parking there simply because I limped? Yes, we heard you.