Sound Off

Sound Off for Tuesday, January 27, 2016

Pick of the day

I received a “Donald J. Trump” signature tie for a Christmas gift. The tag said “made in China.” I now know how Trump is going to “make America great again.”

City’s the defendant, remember?

Blaming Mayor Tomlinson for the disgusting behavior of the Infamous Four who are suing and bankrupting our city is a clear case of ignorance.

Character issue

Obama is not a president, but he plays one on television.

Pronounally challenged

So, the JROTC ball has a theme — “Honoring those that have served.” Shouldn’t that be “who”? Just sayin’.

That ship sank long ago …

Childish “take that!” dances and gestures many after plays nowadays would’ve drawn unsportsmanlike penalties years ago. NFL officials should institute a 5-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty to discourage this trend.

Tradition not its identity

Columbus High School is not “As Always” as it tries to proclaim. It’s no longer a neighborhood public school. It’s a citywide admission test school. Get a new slogan.

Insider government

Secretary of Agriculture Vilsack held a secret meeting with representatives from Monsanto, the Grocery Manufacturing Association and five others, to make a deal to allow the grocery industry to sidestep Vermont’s G.E. labeling law.

One thing he and LBJ agreed on

Former Alabama Gov. George Wallace said that at the national level there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties. How true.

The crucial difference

A legitimate government makes laws to protect the people from the government. An illegitimate government makes laws to protect itself from the people.