Sound Off

Sound Off for Thursday, January 28, 2016

Pick of the day

According to Donald Trump’s “1 to 10” rating system for women, Megyn Kelly would be very high on the scale. Only one problem — she has a brain. This is an automatic 5 point penalty.

Finite budgets

Hello, Detroit teachers. Yes, the schools are deplorable. You’ve bankrupted the city for your wages and they don’t have money for upkeep. Just like other cities.

Two of a kind

Now Donald Trump has the endorsement of Palin. Seems like he has his running mate. God Bless America.

Birthers: The Sequel

Gotta give Ted Cruz credit. At least he’s honest about where he was born.

Elocution critic

Have you ever counted how many times Hillary says “uh” in a conversation?

How’d that work out?

Your paper asked, Does Trump have fans or voters? Same thing was said about Ronald Reagan.

Hot-button issues, big-money agenda

Texas and Florida billionaires funding Ted Cruz for president are really not against abortion and gay rights. That’s a smokescreen for their real interest — fracking. They’re sure ole Ted will help them make more $billions.

Controlled-substance hypocrisy

A huge percentage of the prison population is there for marijuana. Yet we freely and legally sell beer, wine, whiskey, etc. What is the difference?

And he can’t make me

“President Trump, it’s time to get ready for the G8 summit. What? You say you’re not going to attend because you don’t think that new prime minister likes you?”