Sound Off

Sound Off for Saturday, January 30, 2016

Pick of the day

Marijuana, a weed, is not distilled or brewed, thus would be difficult to tax. Uncle Sam: “Whenever two or more of you come together to have fun, I need a piece of the action.”

Political quackery

When it comes to real life issues, Donald ducks.

Final verdict

I already had reason enough to vote against Darr, Bishop, and Countryman, but their sitting in court with the family of crook Sunny Shah, accused of cheating the government out of millions, finished them off.

Summary judgment

I’ve never had less respect for people I know nothing about than I do for these people with Trump signs in their yards.

Defendants are the problem

Hope you people who keep complaining about Sheriff Darr will look at “Mother Teresa” and her group of honchos. They are the reason for these lawsuits.

Intellectual envy

Get over your jealously of Columbus High. Columbus High has always been what it is with the highest academic status.

It goes up regardless

The Republicans have everyone brainwashed: “If the minimum wage goes up everything else will go up.” I’m here to tell you that everything else has gone up and we can’t afford to buy it.

Grimly funny

Residents of Flint, Michigan are being told that they are still expected to pay their poisoned water bills. That’s the best maudlin joke I’ve heard lately.

Simple fairness

I love teachers. We all do, but I started resenting their mandatory 3 percent increase every year when the rest of the country has been stagnant. Georgia legislature needs to rein it back.