Sound Off

Sound Off for Sunday, January 31, 2016

Pick of the day

Wow. Now we have The Duck Dynasty endorsing Ted Cruz, and Sarah Palin endorsing The Apprentice. Let’s just start a new reality show called “Who Wants To Be A President?” Judge: Alfred E. Neuman.

The weekend’s real attraction

You know what I miss on Super Bowl Sundays in recent years? “16 Hours of Andy Griffith” on TBS.

If a moderator rattles him …

If Trump won’t deal with those he thinks don’t treat him fairly, how will he deal with international situations?

Interesting combination of targets

Obama, Cam Newton and “Mother Teresa.” Put them all in a basket and shake them up and what do you have? Nothing.

Much ado about nothing

Who cares who wins the Oscars? I sure as heck don’t. I’ve got more important things to worry about … bills and work, not who wins a gold trophy.

One’s just incompetent — the other’s dangerous

Someone said there are good cops and there are bad cops, just like there are good plumbers and there are bad plumbers. I can stand a bad plumber, but not a bad cop.

Misspent funds

We spend millions unnecessarily changing intersections to roundabouts but we can’t maintain garbage trucks without doubling the pick-up fee?

Good image for community

Congratulations to Shaw High School’s Academic Decathlon team on your win. Good luck in your next competition, although you’ve already made Columbus proud.

He took his ball and went home

Boycotting a debate because you think the moderator is biased against you sounds like something a spoiled child would do. A president must take his job seriously, putting his country’s agenda ahead of his own.

Our energy industry at work

For months a fracking leak in Los Angeles has been spewing 1,200 tons of methane gas into the air every day — as much global warming pollution as six coal-burning plants and 7 million cars.

Preview of things to come

Hillary Clinton said if she is President she would appoint Obama to the Supreme Court. Do you still won’t to vote for her now?

We know they’re out there

Andy Griffith televised about 50 years continuously, while seedy shows have come and gone. Doesn’t that say there are a lot of decent people? So where are they when it comes time to vote?