Sound Off

Sound Off for Monday, February 1, 2016

Pick of the day

Mattel has come up with 22 eye colors for Barbie. I thought there were only blue, brown, hazel, black and bloodshot.

Out of touch

What John Pezold does not understand is that working people need to make a living while you get wealthy, and people who work for you live in poverty. That’s not going to work anymore.

Has my support

In regards to the interview with John Pezold, he is a fine young man. He’s made Columbus proud.

Their problem shouldn’t be ours

Money should not be taken from smaller pools to fund the Aquatic Center. All swim groups should have to pay.

Break this one down

Garbage problems? One more time, our rich mayor placed burdens on lower class citizens while making halos for herself by beautifying Columbus instead of necessities.

Maybe that was his point …?

Pope Francis says Iran must join others in the fight against terrorism. Is he not aware that Iran is one of the chief sponsors of terrorism? Good grief.

Conspiracy of silence

When is the Ledger-Enquirer going to write about who the attorneys are and what their fees are for Darr and Ccompany? I guess the paper doesn’t want people to know. It’s our tax money.

Invalid criteria

Nominating a movie or an actor for the Academy Award due to racial protest is in the same category as a social promotion.

… And, of course, Obama

If you watch the Republican debates and say it was about job security, etc. then you were asleep. The time was spent downgrading each other.