Sound Off

Sound Off for Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2015

Pick of the day

Hey ladies: While riding on the Moon Road bumpy surface, don’t try putting on your lipstick. You will have it all over your face.

Are the voters that dumb?

Lower property taxes cause Columbus to lose industry? Bull. Our mayor just wants to spend more. We have the reputation of approving every tax that comes along. Are the voters that dumb?

Tell it like it is

Wonderful article by Leonard Pitts on the Flint River water situation. Tell it like it is, Leonard.

A stark contrast

I watch the Democratic debates and see three people making good plans to fix what the Republicans have caused. I watch the Republican debates and I see a bunch of liars.

They’re not Fox anchors

I would bet $500 that the majority of the Fox News haters out there are ugly women.

Paper is anti-Republican

It’s so sad that the only newspaper in Columbus is so anti-Republican.

You’re welcome

I want to thank the Ledger for the extra puzzles. Keep up the good work.

Much ado about nothing

The great winter storm of January 2016 will never ever be as big as the media hype about it.

What’s the big deal?

Eddie Murphy was awarded the Mark Twain Award. No racism about it. What’s the big deal with the Oscars?

Striking similarity

The new FedEx commercial with the kids playing adults reminds me of all the other TV shows running right now.

This needs a new name

Without a doubt, this column should be changed to Politico, Inc.