Sound Off

Sound Off for Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Pick of the day

The Columbus economic forecast is disheartening. Let’s get former mayors, successful business leaders, Mayor Tomlinson, Isaiah Hugley and young innovative professionals together to find ways to beat this forecast and make Columbus even better.

Conservation penalty

Water works wants to increase your water bill because people are conserving. City cuts garbage pickup to one day a week and needs to increase cost. How is this working out for you, Mr. Taxpayer?

Pro rata pricing?

If we have to pay extra for the largest paper of the year, why don’t we get a discount for the smallest?

Inflation stats

Motel 6 actually use to have rooms available for $6 a night. Now $6 won’t pay the hotel/sales taxes. In fact, Motel 6 cannot even “keep the light on for you” for $6 a night.

Frightening fringe

I accept that Islam is peaceful and most Muslims are decent, respectful citizens.  But what is it about Islam that, at its extreme, leads thousands of followers to believe Allah rewards them for murdering children?

That rag is still around?

I was surprised to learn Hustler magazine recently considered placing Jennifer Lopez on its cover. Really? They still publish Hustler? I thought free internet porn made it obsolete years ago.

A ‘greater good’ choice

Republicans are cheering for Bernie Sanders because he is the Democrats’ nightmare candidate; as a Democrat I am crossing over to vote for John Kasich because he is the best Republican candidate.

Where do we find that ‘People Are Stupid’ doctrine?

Hillary Clinton is a big advocate of Dr. Jonathan Gruber, MIT economist and Obamacare author, who believes the American people are basically stupid. Ever wonder why?

Executive clemency

If Hillary becomes president of the United States, can she pardon herself for the crimes she has committed?