Sound Off

Sound Off for Thursday, Feb. 4, 2016

Pick of the day

A Sound-Offer who resents the 3% yearly raises for teachers contrasts starkly with the teacher’s report of mice in the classroom and a snake in the hall. Education matters, except to a moron.

Safety is worth the cost

Yes, a shame we have to have the expense of roundabouts, but they force scofflaws who drive recklessly to slow down or yield when they enter or are in them, or hit something.

We’re getting what we pay for

After reading all the problems Flint, Mich., is having with water, I don’t mind paying a little extra for the Columbus Water Works to keep ours safe for my family and I. Big kudos to CWW and thank you!

An easy choice

If my tax dollar is going into another person’s pocket, I’d rather it be those who keep America safe and free than those who do nothing.

Hardly King’s dream society

The black-on-white racism and bullying being committed against Muscogee County school students is inexcusable. That’s not at all what Dr. Martin Luther King wanted. They are desecrating everything he fought and died for.

First Amendment exemptions

Overused or annoying words and phrases: do the math, happy dance, dude, that’s sick, radicalized, at the end of the day, awesome, at-risk, went viral, speak to that.

Ideological civil war

Donald Trump being at war with Fox News is like a Doberman pinscher turning on his master.

Speaks volumes

It’s telling that the elected officials who vouched for criminal Sunny Shah (who stole from all of us) because he donated to their campaigns, also sued us to get more money for their little fiefdoms.

With this Congress and court? Count on it

Google created Alphabet, Inc. as its new parent company in October. Looks like another tax dodge. Is this lawful?