Sound Off

Sound Off for Monday, Feb. 8, 2016

Pick of the day

“We live in a negative society.  Most people can’t see beauty and love.  I see our music as medicine.” -- Maurice White, founder of Earth, Wind and Fire.  Rest in Peace, Maurice, you did well.

They probably thought of that

Now folks will think it’s cool to pay for goods with their Smartphones?  Can anyone else see the crime wave waiting to happen here? I hope these companies are thinking of some security measures.

Some people cause flooding

Some flooding is caused by irresponsible or trashy residents who park cars on lawns or refuse to water them, which results in bare soil eroding and clogging storm drains.

Is is ironic?

Anyone else find it ironic that three of the four top GOP candidates are either a minority and/or younger whereas the leading Democratic candidate is old/white with recycled ideas.

Trump is a crybaby

Before it’s over, Donald Trump will claim that all of America is completely stupid, and because he won’t become el Presidente,’ the people will get what they deserve. Spoiled little cry baby. Loooozer.

Too much name-calling

My impression from Thursday’s Hillary and Bernie Show debate was that of two kids on a playground calling each other names.

No wonder the economy is slow

Now that gas is cheaper, Obama and the Democrats are proposing a tax on oil which will raise the cost of gas and cost America jobs. No wonder the economy is growing so slow.

Is that what you’re saying?

So are you saying that the five children left hungry and filthy in a local motel would be better off if they had been aborted (killed) before they ever had a chance to be born?