Sound Off

Sound Off for Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Pick of the day

I thought I wanted to be anti-establishment until I took a hard look at my choices.

If it worked once …

Since Obama gave Iran all that money I guess N. Korea is trying to scare the U.S. into giving them money.

Whiffed on the pitch

How could the L-E interviewer sit down with our Georgia DOT representative and not ask him specifically about the delays and costs of the Whittlesey Road widening project instead of just asking softball questions?

Asphalt class warfare?

Why does the proposed roundabout on River Road at Bradley Park Drive and the Green Island entrance have to be any more “elaborate” than the others in the city?

Inappropriate conduct

So Cam Newton is too big a superstar to cross his heart during the playing of the Star Spangled Banner, unlike his fellow players? Glad he got taken down a notch or two.

Some think his are

Donald says he thinks wages are already too high. Still think he’ll make America great again?

Let them shoot it out

Sooner or later there will be nothing left of Syria or Syrians. Then we should cede the land to Assad and ISIS, seal the entire border, and let them partake in a literal death match.

Has a familiar ring

To the Sound-Offer who offered his wisdom on Flint, Michigan, the mayor and city council are Democrats and not Republicans! Oops — stretchin’ the truth a little? Your name is not Hillary, is it?

Wrong then, wrong now

A sucker is born every minute. Tragically, many of them believed the gun lobby myth that a gun in the house makes your family safer.