Sound Off

Sound Off for Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Pick of the day

Why do people brag about being “politically incorrect” when all they really are is rude?

I’ve got mine

Wolves, dolphins, lions, whales, flocks, herds, tribes, etc.,  gather together for the safety and love of each other. Only in the USA do we not care about another’s health or education. Greed is king.

Export growth industry

The reason why Chicago has such a high murder rate with strict gun laws is because there is nothing to prevent criminals from buying a truckload of guns in Georgia and transporting them to Chicago.

First-rate service

Called the city arborist’s office to look at two dead pines. The very next week, they took them down. Talk about fast! Thanks!

Effective, and cost-effective

I suspect it costs far less to support a therapy dog for the local jail than additional (human) therapists.

Christlike spirit

Jesus must be smiling upon Turkey for opening its border to Syrian migrants. He is happy with those hearts that love the unloved migrants.

Not the one to preach that sermon

This is for the Democrats: If Clinton is calling anybody sexist, that’s the best pot calling the kettle black. That joker is the epitome of sexism and sex addiction.

Urgent need to know

When will tenants in public housing get information on the new public housing increases? Many say it’s over 100 percent.

What do the numbers say?

Madam Mayor — what will your first quarter crime statistics look like for 2016? We are getting clobbered.