Sound Off

Sound Off for Thursday, February 11, 2016

Pick of the day

New! Improved! Candidate Patch Dolls! Simply pull the string located on the posterior, and they speak their 25-second memorized and rehearsed selling points! Brought to you by campaign directors and monetary contributors.

On your own, Superman

Super Bowl: Could it be that Cam Newton’s teammates were trying to tell him that football is a team sport? Denver’s defense was getting through too easy.

Greater things in the future

Cam Newton, we are still proud of you. You are a servant of God. You are a young quarterback and you have many more years to play. The best is yet to come.

Too complicated for me

Professional and collegiate quarterbacks had to have done well in algebra because they figure out stuff in plays that is way over my dumb head.

Different scenario

I am surprised that the Short family is not picketing the DA’s office demanding that the three juveniles be tried as adults.

Against odds and opposition

Thank you, Mr. President, for doing all that you have done in the face of opposition. If you were white you would have a holiday.

Fiscal discipline?

Why are all my neighbors in this little working-class neighborhood of $100,000 homes driving all of these $40,000 trucks and cars? What’s up with that?


I’d hate to be the person who went into the restroom after Donald Trump. The man is absolutely full of it.

Shouldn’t be on our tab

Since when is it the responsibility of the city to provide elaborate swimming facilities for private swim clubs?