Sound Off

Sound Off for Friday, February 12, 2016

Pick of the day

Mr. Trump: In case you didn’t know, building walls has already been tried. China built one. The USSR built one. Why don’t you ask them how it turned out?

Not invincible after all

I guess the Broncos brought a little kryptonite to Superman at the Super Bowl.

Physical and social ills

Cancer is a horrible disease. Along those lines, so is racism.

Raised by the wrong ‘village’

In Florida an 8-year-old with a gun tried to rob a convenience store. If you can’t raise your kids right, the neighborhood will raise them for you.

At your own risk

Expose a corrupt law enforcement officer and find out what happens to you.

What really matters?

I wish the Carver supporters and alumni were as concerned about helping to raise low test scores as they are about winning football games. Your priorities are in the wrong place.

Failed to see the humor

I’m not sure if Tim Chitwood was trying to be funny with his column last Monday, but the blood shortage and the Red Cross’s call for donations deserved more respect than what Tim provided.

Misguided reproach

What would have happened if Madeleine Abright had said “black women who don’t vote for Hillary versus Obama would have a special place in hell” back in 2008?

Cultural balkanization

What I’m still waiting to hear is how many MCSD band, chorus, and orchestra teachers will lose their jobs when the arts academy opens. It will kill the arts in all the other schools.