Sound Off

Sound Off for Monday, February 15, 2016

Pick of the day

The U.S. has the best doctors in the world, bar none. If only we could afford them.

Council walkout

Is it lack of backbone? Do they get credit for attending the meeting?

Professional service

I appreciate my newspaper carrier. She always delivers my paper to my front porch.

Needs an update

I really thought that Mayor Tomlinson was an attorney. Apparently, she’s not up to date on current law or she wouldn’t be fighting so hard on the tax freeze issue.

As long as they’re swapping …

Now the city wants the MCSD to take over the after-school programs? Well then, why not switch and let the city take care of the crossing guards?

Welcome voices of reason

Bob Simpson and Sheryl Green are the two best writers at the Ledger. Their stories are well thought out and meaningful.

Cost doesn’t stop with the ribbon cutting

Why did our esteemed leaders spend all the money on the aquatic center without a provision about its upkeep and operation? Poor judgment.

Talks a great game

I would love to have Hillary on the sales team at my company. She could sell a blind man a racecar.

Better return on our money

Mayor Tomlinson and City Manager Hugley, as a taxpayer I would rather invest my money in the children of Columbus than in the swimming pool that will still leave you in debt.

Time for women to say ‘Enough’

Rap music lyrics that are vulgar and offensive to females contribute to violence against girls. Girls should unite and let the men know this is not acceptable.