Sound Off

Sound Off for Saturday, February 13, 2016

Pick of the day

A man took his pet iguana to the vet and told the doctor that it wouldn’t eat. The lizard was diagnosed with a reptile dysfunction.

Regional pride

Did you notice the two Super Bowl quarterbacks are both SEC — Manning from Tennessee, Newton from Auburn?

Golden rule

According to political scientists, America is no longer a democracy but an oligarchy — a country run at the expense of its citizenry by, and for, the super-rich.

Uncool status criteria

When did it become Cool to hate? Cool to steal? Cool to pierce and needle tattoos into your own skin? I don’t remember because I don’t follow you. You are not cool. You are blinded.

Enter at your own risk

After reading about the proposed new roundabout at Green Island and Bradley Park Drives, etc., all I can say is, “God help us now.”

What’s the difference?

Tax revenues are up 6.4% in Georgia. So why aren’t they up in Columbus? It’s your tax freeze at work!

Leveling the field

Hooray that a federal court has directed North Carolina to redraw its congressional districts. Gerrymandering has been a cancer gnawing away at democracy’s vitality, and this is one small step towards remedying the situation.

Barbie goes multicultural

So now we have Hijarbie — a hijab-wearing Barbie doll. That’s truly nice and I’m all for it. But what I’m really looking forward to is Burqa Barbie.

Sprint course?

I am an avid cyclist. I love the bike trails around town, but why the heck is there a four-tenths of a mile bike lane on Rigdon Road?