Sound Off

Sound Off for Sunday, February 14, 2016

Pick of the day

A supporter of Hillary (Gloria Steinem) said young women attend Sanders rallies as a way to meet men, at which point Bill said, “Can I go there too?”

President ‘gave’ nothing

Obama gave $zero, $zilch, $nada to Iran. The U.N. simply lifted the sanctions on Iran, allowing them access to their own money.

The case could be made …

Could you compare destroying historic markers in the South to ISIS destroying historic markers in the Mideast?

Self-defeating negligence

The dumping of contaminated sewage is bad by itself. To know it’s going while we invest millions in the whitewater project is beyond reason.

Single-issue folly

I’m not in favor of Obamacare either, but to get rid of Sanford Bishop over one national issue when he’s done so much for his constituents is just plain stupidity.

Just give them the imaginary ones

If Bernie Sanders is elected, Alabama fans will be disappointed. He will take some of their national championships and distribute them to the losing schools.

Irony impaired

A letter writer complains of “hatred, misinformation, distortions and malevolence” and finishes with hatred, misinformation, distortions and malevolence. Very sad.

Public service

Teresa Tomlinson’s record is one of substance and ceremony. Thanks mayor. Carry on.

System worth emulating

In Denmark, television political ads are prohibited, so that candidates don’t have to raise gargantuan sums of money. The campaign period is short, not years, but a matter of weeks. Are you envious?

Dereliction of duty

How many employers in our fine city would simply fire workers who grew weary of a meeting, as Columbus Councilors did, and just got up and left?

Fox, henhouse, etc.

Hillary claims she will crack down on big banks, but was paid $675,000 by Goldman Sachs for three speeches. Does anyone really believe she will kill the Goldman goose that feeds her?

As if it needs ‘protection’

Headline: “Legislators consider special protections for gun industry.” I wish legislators would consider special protections for future victims of the gun industry.


To the person who thinks if Obama were white he would have a holiday, the truth is if he were white he would have been impeached by now.