Sound Off

Sound Off for Friday, February 19, 2016

Pick of the day

The Aquatic Center is definitely an investment in our children. Along.with facilitating children’s swim teams, they’re teaching swimming lessons to underprivileged MCSD students. If it saves one child from drowning, it’s worth the investment.

Paying less out, not bringing more in

Rather than all this fuss about “thawing the freeze,” why not make a bigger effort to control spending? Not every job needs five people to do it; salaries inflating, though I’m sure expenses expand proportionately.

Pretty lofty tax rate

I just looked at my Georgia Power bill. 28.8% of the charges are taxes.

If he’s for it, we’re against it

It is an insult to the American people when the Republicans put down everything that our elected Commander in Chief has to decide upon.

Concurring opinion

Hal Kirven is dead on in his analysis of the new River Road roundabout — just another government cover-up of costs and who actually pays the bill.

Zero-sum economics

Sometimes when the minimum wage goes up, the number of jobs in small businesses goes down.

Well, there is that ‘confirmation’ thing …

It’s sad that Scalia passed away. It is Obama’s job to appoint a replacement. Democrats and Republicans should not be involved at all.

Presidential skills

If Trump ever made it to the Oval Office he would have his list of nominees to the court ready: Judge Judy and Judge Brown. They have all the qualifications: a successful TV show.