Sound Off

Sound Off for Saturday, February 20, 2016

Pick of the day

President Ronald Reagan said on January 19, 1988, on the confirmation of Justice Anthony Kennedy, “The federal judiciary is too important to be made a political football.”

We need their perspectives

Let’s hear from police officers, deputies, and EMTs about the monthly gun shows at the Columbus Iron Works. Good for your job security, or is there another opinion?

Their time is past

The unions have had their jobs long ago. They should be out now.

Dissenting view

The one percent live off the backs of workers. The union bosses protect the workers.

Political botany

Jeb Bush has the right name to become a big tree. Can he? Will he? He thinks he can. Is he competing with a hollow tree …“The Hair?”

Any takers?

So you Chattahoochee whitewater rafters don’t think the river is toxic? Try to give away a fish you catch out of that river.

We know what they’re against

Can you tell me one thing that the Republicans like or support? Just one thing.

The ‘payer’ part is the problem

The reason why we can’t afford a single-payer healthcare plan is because I can’t afford to be the single payer who pays for your healthcare.

Selective compliance

Obama said the Constitution is clear about naming a Supreme Court justice. When has he ever followed anything in the Constitution?