Sound Off

Sound Off for Monday, March 7, 2016

Pick of the day

The reason we have such a poor slate of candidates from which to choose is that all the good ones are too smart to sign up.

Hardly a deterrent

Shouldn’t someone tell Ted Cruz that when he threatens to kill anyone who wages jihad against the U.S., that is their goal — to die for jihad? It only fuels their fire.

It’s actually a sign of strength

My grandfather gave me some words of wisdom: You don’t take a person’s kindness as them being weak.

Constant combatant

Maybe God could take Al Sharpton to heaven to help fight the devil, because Sharpton is fighting everything else that comes along.

Money’s not omnipotent

Trump apparently cannot buy four things: tact, diplomacy, class and a good hairdresser.

He’s held up his end

Donald Trump signed a pledge to be loyal to the Republican Party. He has been. Republicans, you better unite. This may very well be the last presidential election you have an opportunity to do so.

Not worthy of the role

Shame on any Vietnam veteran for voting for five-time Vietnam war draft dodger. He didn’t want to serve then and he’s not able to be Commander in Chief now.

Spot-on analysis

Kudos to Leonard Pitts. If Obama wasn’t black before, he is now. He hit the nail on the head with that one.

The poor are with us always

Here we go with the homeless problem again.