Sound Off

Sound Off for Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Pick of the day

I thought we Republicans cared about limited government, pro-life issues, our military, character, integrity and morality. I guess the love of money truly is the root of all evil.

‘Shady, bombastic liar’

Sensible Republicans are reeling at the thought of a “shady, bombastic liar” who is hardening their party’s image of intolerance and chauvinism.

Addition by subtraction

Miley Cyrus says if Trump is elected she will vomit and leave the country. Talk about a win-win!

Need to learn more about the law

So Dow Chemical is paying a hefty fine and you think it’s because Justice Scalia died a few days ago. You’ve got a lot to learn about our legal system.

Trump is none of those things

Do Trump critics really believe half of Americans are racist, xenophobic woman-haters? Unfortunately for media morons, Trump voters heard exactly what he really said, and know he’s none of those things.

It’s all about the family unit

I wonder how many hundreds of billions of dollars we spend each year trying to address social problems that hardly existed back when people believed that traditional families and family values were important.

Give them a day or two

Why do reporters ask presidential candidates what they’ll do about America’s enemies their first day in office?  Even if circumstances don’t change, why would anyone but a fool tell our enemies our plans for them?

Which one doesn’t belong?

Republicans, guns, and education. Only one of those things leads to something positive.

Proof positive of the negative

Daily offerings in Sound Off confirm the failures of U.S. education, political understanding, theological/religious insight, economic judgment, constitutional literacy and general intellect. Faith in the lowest common denominator is restored.