Sound Off

Sound Off for August 25, 2016

With you in spirit

Ron, you're in our prayers. We love you.

Digital graffiti

Twitter is the bathroom wall of the 21st century. Cheap shots and cruelty from behind a small screen.

Time for real numbers

I hope council will order a complete audit of the operations and finances of the Sheriff's Department. Unfortunately, it is years past due. The deficits amassed by Sheriff Darr's department are crippling the city budget.

Ready or not ...

If you or someone you love currently has private non-subsidized health insurance, get ready to be forced to Obamacare for 2017. Letters are going out from the insurance companies; premiums will not be going down.

Anonymous wisdom

Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity. (Source unknown.)

That’s the real danger

What is really scary is Hillary getting in office and starting a nuclear war with Putin.

Crisis aid

Trump hands out Play-Doh for 49 seconds on camera to aid flood victims. Did not know it was a survival product. My kind of guy.